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the story:

A Moroccan rug is more than a piece to put in your house. It is a treasured gem that each tells a specific tale of its origin.

You see, no Moroccan rug is the same because each one has been meticulously crafted to illustrate a human story of the heart.

This luxurious high low pile rug will not only bring a rich piece of Moroccan folklore straight into your home, it will with every intentional fiber that was woven welcome anyone who dives in.

The Sparrow was created in the village of Azilal located in the high Atlas mountains of Morocco.  It took one women two months to create 

Our Berber craftsmen embark on a long journey to create just one master piece. The process is very demanding on time, energy and labor. The difference in a high quality rug is in the quality of its ingredients. Our artisans source the wool and herbs used for dying straight from the local region of the high Atlas . 

Two women begin the long process on foot to gather wool from the native sheep in the countryside, then bring it back via donkey to wash in the river. After washing the wool is layed out on top of a Beldi roof under the stars to bring in prosperity and spun with the selected herbs over a period of 15 days before weaving begins. 

Each of these women are heir to an ancient tradition with origins dating back to 700 AD, perfected, preserved and passed through the generations.

These women speak not through words but through their hands. Each tells their story, their passions, their struggles, their family, their life, beliefs, community and love. It is their love language and gift to the rest of the world

the dimensions:

8' x 5'

the material:

100% organic raw virgin wool with naturally dyed wool  



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