who we are

Sharing timeless traditions and connecting local artisans with a global audience to curate a luxurious space for high quality handmade products in this inchoate era of living mindfully, consciously and sustainably.


We bridge the gap between client and creator to help cultivate beautifully unique custom pieces to bring into your home so you can enrich your space with a story. 

method of a masterpiece

The process of a handmade rug is very demanding on time, energy and labor. The difference in a high quality rug is in the authenticity of its ingredients.

Our artisans source the wool and herbs used for dying straight from the local region of the high Atlas. 

The journey begins on foot gathering wool from the local shepherds, then bringing it back to be washed in the river. 

The wool is laid out on top of a Beldi roof under the stars to bring in prosperity and spun with the selected herbs over a period of 15 days before the wool is spun into threads and dyed.

Each of our artisan women are heir to an ancient tradition with origins dating back to 700 AD, perfected, preserved and passed through the generations.

Our creators speak not through words but through their hands. 

powered by plants

All of our products are made with natural pigments from the Earth, dyed into materials like natural sheep wool to boldly and brightly reflect the many traditions and customs that have been passed down through the generations and have weaved their way into the fabric of these tribes.