Natural Dye

All of our products are made with natural pigments from the Earth, dyed into materials like cotton to boldly and brightly reflect the many traditions and customs that have been passed down through the generations and have weaved their way into the fabric of these tribes.

Hand Woven Traditional Patterns

All of the patterns and textiles that are hand woven into our products symbolize the ancestry of our artisans, each design is significant to the artist and represents a culture that stretches back centuries.

Since our products are uniquely designed they cannot be replicated and are limited on a first come firsts serve basis. However in the event that a product pattern is no longer available we will try and best accommodate a similar design through a custom inquiry.

Foot Pedal Loom

The loom or “azetta” is a testimony to tradition and history for many of the tribes among Morocco, especially in the high Atlas region where the art is still a primary cultural and economical way of life.

Mad’ouk works with local artisans who hand make each and every rug integrating their own creativity into the fabric of their craft. Because we are working with a live shop in Morocco, our rugs are one of a kind and sell out very quickly. 

Highest Quality

Mad’ouk works with the highest quality materials that are ethically, naturally and locally sourced. Our products all come with a story behind it so the client can be connected to the creator.

Conscious consumerism: A consumer has the knowledge of what each product is made of, where it came from, and who made it.

It's simple really, by providing high quality handmade products we are putting the power back into hardworking hands.