Our Story

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

- Seneca

Mad’ouk is a mindset.

It is the essence of an individual who seeks the story behind the surface.

The person behind the product.

Mad’ouk was born out of a desire to share global traditions, a passion to connect local artisans with a global audience and a necessity to create a space for ethically made and fair trade products in this inchoate era of living mindfully, consciously and sustainably.


Our mission is to create a space consumers can trust to find quality artisan products that are handmade, fair trade, and ethically sourced.

Our goal is to mindfully support the longstanding creative traditions and passions of local artisans while globally sharing their culture and history to bring down the threshold of unfamiliarity.

Mad’ouk aims to create a community of authenticity, kindness, and respect while stretching the boundary of social barriers and empowering local communities.




We want to do our part in supporting socially responsible consumers who are seeking a more mindful and conscious alternative to mass produced goods.

We are committed to helping reshape the narrative of the way we shop. For every product we provide a story, giving our clients a glimpse into the heart and soul that these artisans pour into their work.

The spark of the human spirit has ignited a flame inside our brand to contribute a space where artisans can connect with the consumer, gain opportunities for further growth in their business, and be able to provide fairly for their families while giving consumers the capacity to make a difference through quality handmade products.