Gouglo was brought up in a century old family carpet business where he spent his childhood going with his  grandfather to auctions and learning the trade inside and out from hand dying to patching to weaving.


Haziz was born and raised in Essaouira and got involved in the lamp trade from his father before him, eventually moving to Marrakech for his own venture.

He learned the iron business inside and out from the busy markets of Marrakech and has since returned to Essaouira with his family to run his own handmade and high quality vintage store.


Hadid is from Essaouira and has grown up with leather in his blood. His family has been making the highest quality leather shoes for over 16 years known across Morocco from the high Atlas to Agadir. 

Hadid is studying in school and hopes to one day take over the family business. 


Lhassan has called Marrakech home his entire life, watching and listening to the buzz of the bustling souks that echo throughout the city. A craftsman by blood, he began working with walnut wood in 1982.

Lhassan now runs his own shop and lives in Marrakech with his wife and children. His son is currently enrolled in school and hopes to be the first one in his family to attend university.